Wiki of the three part saga of the Valencian swashbuckler Ulysses Caesarion Septimus: all character info and storyline property of the author KamenRiderTanatos (SupremeCommanderKaneII) unless otherwise specified.

Everything written on the wiki is considered canonical in Septimus' universe.

About the SagaEdit

A three book saga of Pirate101 fanfiction (copyright KingsIsle) written by KamenRiderTanatos on, this saga chronicles the story of Valencian swashbuckler Ulysses Septimus, of his life and his rise to power as one of the greatest man in the Spiral, and of the tragedies that made him who he is today.

Valencian Assassin: Maestro Assassino (Yet to be written)

Valencian Legend: Ulysses Caesarion Septimus[1]

Valencian Empire: El Dorado [2]

Latest activityEdit

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